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One of the problems that mentally ill people deal with is social anxiety and it doesn’t mean what people believe it means. They do like mingling with people, chat with them and share their feelings but the amount of anxiety depends on the stage if the mental health issue they are at.

Let’s deep dive on how these social anxiety issues feel for the person affected and what does it mean for their loved ones.


Focusing too much on multi-tasking. In such situations one tends to get hooked to a few to-do-lists and ignore the people reaching out to him/her for until later time when they are finished.

It’s not like they are ignoring their loved ones but it’s just that once their brain is locked onto something they prefer to complete it first and then talk to someone later so that the complete focus is on the conversation they are having.

Most of the times it takes longer than usual for them to finish the work and by the time they are done the person is no longer available or worse, they forget to call them back because the brain was used in keeping up with the things they wanted to finish.

During such time the loved ones should make an extra effort from their end to reach out to them. They aren’t ignoring but trying to cope with a situation of social anxiety. In short, if you don’t hear back from the person, trying reaching out again and have a heartful conversation. It will make them happy.


There are some situations when trying to call becomes a herculean task for people with social anxiety. It maybe because of the fear of rejection if they don’t answer the phone, or a feeling of disturbing the person but it’s not a willful decision.

The loved ones should try to understand and keep on checking with people they know have social anxiety and try to make conversations with them. Reaching out has been even harder for people with social anxiety because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown happening because of it. Just initiate calls/texts because they can’t.

Don’t give up on those you love with mental illness, especially during this fearful time. They need you now more than ever.


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