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Nature has its own set of laws, it’s beautiful yet tough. It embraced us with all its offerings and when we used it shoddily, it hit us like an apocalypse. Neither did we ever had an idea that we would face such an undesirable situation nor did we had a plan to fight with it. Maintaining social distancing and self-hygiene are the only options we have in the present fettle in trying to curb the COVID-19 menace which indeed is proving prolific. Regrettably, issues like mental health are something which is inevitable and one needs to make it their top priority before the situation slips out of hands, and as they say a stitch in time saves nine.

While following all the health prevention for our physical well being, we should not neglect our mental health. Our mental health should also be our priority, as this will only pull us through the times to come sanely. We may experience increased feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, impatience, irritability or nuisance. We might also experience a sense of scarcity, or be concerned about increased stigmatization or chauvinism. We may doubt about the future or worry about isolation amidst rapidly changing schedules and social plans. While feeling worried is normal and expected, there are many ways we can increase our pliability during this time.


  • Managing social media intake

Well, in these times of distress we might use social media as our rescue but what we need to keep in mind is that it has its own negative effects too. Negative news will take just a matter of seconds to whirl up your pleasant shiny mood to wreckage. You need to limit your intake and cut down any undesirable element in your feed. Use social mood to lighten up your mood and for sharing your art and etc. Make this your happy tool!


  • Journaling

Writing a journal is itself a therapy, it cleanses your soul makes you even more aware of your actions and keeps you satisfied. I would recommend certain practices like meditation, writing a journal, and getting surrounded by people with positive thoughts that one can go for to keep their mental health in shape. Start from today, take out your preferred journal and start penning down your thoughts, you will feel the difference yourself. It’s a beautiful experience, it enhances your personality while taking care of your mental health.

  •  Routine is your friend


Plan a well versed routine, which includes a balance between your leisure and work time.

The routine should keep you satisfied till the end of the day, while giving you enough time to binge Netflix and lying down like a couch potato. Start working on your long lost hobby, it may be a trivial thing but these little things will provide you immense happiness. It helps to manage anxiety, and will help you to adapt more quickly to this current reality.


  • Show compassion and kindness to one another


This is an adverse situation for every one of us; everybody is dealing with their own problems in this time of anguish. We can least do is help them with kindness and love. Moreover, by encouraging and empowering others to respond to a friend’s suffering, showing care and concern towards people around us as well as understanding the value of sharing problems with others, we can create a more empathetic ethos that can help bring more solidarity in our lives during the crisis. Be kind to everybody and make this world a better place to live in.



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